What are the changes to the aged care system?

Important changes to the aged care system:



  • Home care and aged care homes (nursing homes) are the only two Government funded care options now available. There is no Low Care or High Care anymore.
  • You can’t access aged care (including home care) unless you register in the new Government system – which takes up to 12 weeks
  • The Government is promoting Home Care, wanting you to delay entering an aged care home (nursing home) as long as possible
  • The Government wants competition and will increasingly give you the money to pay for your care so you can decide who you will use – this is called Consumer Directed Care (CDC)
  • The Government also wants you to start paying for part of your aged care if you can afford it – and this can be a lot of money
  • The aged care system is close to ‘full’. It is unlikely you will get the services or aged care bed you want immediately

In summary, everything is new and far more complex. 

Our role at agedcare101 is to make your journey easier – to inform and make it easy for you to find the services you need.


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