How much am I expected to pay now?



A more detailed explanation of costs is in Section 4, ‘Working out your finances’.

But here is a taste:

Home Care


  • The Government can provide funding from about $2,500 a year up to about $45,000 a year to support you at home
  • Registered providers may charge around $45 an hour, which gives you an idea of how many hours support you will get
  • In the future competition may bring the hourly rate down to $30 per hour for low level services

Aged care homes (nursing homes)


  • Pensioners with few assets will likely only pay for aged care bed from the pension
  • Others will pay a ‘daily care’ fee PLUS an ‘accommodation’ fee
  • The daily fee is a sliding scale based on your wealth, from $0 to say $70 a day.
  • The accommodation fee can be a lump sum deposit or a non-refundable daily accommodation fee 
  • The average lump sum deposit is now $320,000
  • The average daily accommodation fee or payment is now about $60 (based on $300,000 DAP), which you may have to pay part or all, depending on your wealth


Across nearly 700 aged care homes (nursing homes) in our Aged Care financial performance Survey (March 2016) the average deposit was $285,529.  Metropolitan rates will be a lot higher.

Stuart Hutcheon, Managing Partner,



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