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Refurbished Facility

My father has been in Aged Care Nursng Home since November 2014. He paid $105,000 and my mother has bee paying an accommodation payment as well of $940pf.  Just recently we received a letter saying the Nursing Facility has been upgraded from a non refurbished facility to a refurbished facility.  Increase in the accommodation payment to $1327 pf.  At no time were we made aware the facility was planning on an upgrade.The upgrade has no direct effect to my father or others in the low care house, The upgrade was in bathrooms in the Dementia House.  I consider that this increase to be excessive and unfair to an existing resident.  Are you able to clarify that Nursing Homes can pass this increase in fee onto existing residents?  Can you advise if there is a restriction on the amount a Nursing Home can increase fees at one time?  My mother will struggle to  pay this increase of over $300pf. Can you help me? 


Hi Sue Y

I have passed on your question to our expert partner Affinity Aged Care Financial Services and will forward their reply s oon as possible.




Hi, I find myself in the exact same situation except that I did not receive any formal letter advising of the refurbishment, just saw an increase in the amount debited from the bank account.  Surely they have to notify the residents beforehand.  Why do we hae to pay for refurbishment if our section was not refurbished.  I cannot get any answerrs from anyone, can you please help.


Hi Squeeze,

Thanks for your question.  A lot of aged care homes do charge their residents a refurbishment fee.  The first thing I would do to start with is to have a look at what is detailed in your Resident Agreement and Accommodation Agreement.  (Some Aged Care Homes will combine these 2 contracts into one document.)  There should be some reference to the Refurbishment Fee and when it is charged to you.  If you have further questions, once you've had a chance to check your contract(s) I would then ask to have a meeting with the Manager of your Aged Care Home and ask them to talk you through it.  This will then give you the opportunity to ask questions about it.

We hope this helps,
The agedcare101 team.