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Claude Rafin

INS LifeGuard a division of The INS Group

Managing Director

How Can INS LifeGuard Help?

As people age they are at greater risk of stroke and may be prone to heart disease, arthritis, diabetes or osteoporosis. Each of these conditions, accompanied by worries about falling or being incapacitated, can lead to a decline in a person’s ability to live on their own. 

Our innovative alarm systems allow you to summon assistance whenever you need it, at any time of the day or night. Our response centre is staffed by qualified nurses who assess the situation and send whatever help you need. Family, neighbours and medical personnel whom you predesignate are contacted immediately to assist.

Our unique, patented systems can put Personal Emergency Response, TeleHealth, virtual Nurse or GP Consults, Home Automation, Telephone and Internet, Social networking and much more right at your fingertips.

INS LifeGuard is part of The INS Group, a leading Australian Health Services company dedicated to delivering quality care to support people living at home. Established in 1984, The INS Group provides integrated Health Care, Telecare, TeleHealth, and eHealth products and services throughout Australia. 

Additional benefits for village and community care organisations

  • The LifeGuard SmartHome IPD features a built-in M2M 3G SIM card, eliminating the need for residents to have a home telephone line. Alternatively, it can also operate off an existing Ethernet or WiFi connection with the M2M SIM card as a back-up.
  • We’re incredibly proud to be the only Telecare/Medical Alarm service in Australia staffed exclusively by qualified nurses. This means we can provide unparalleled reassurance to our clients and their families when they need it most.
  • We can offer low-cost managed phone and internet services through our technologies.
  • A free portal allows village and care managers to send messages, notifications and evacuation alerts to one individual, a group, or all residents/clients in real time.
  • The services can be covered under CDC or NDIS funding models and assistance provided with case management through a free online reporting and review portal.
  • We’re always evolving to ensure we provide the best, most advanced products and services available in the Telecare and TeleHealth marketplace. Our newest device, the LifeGuard SmartHome IPD, combines world-class healthcare expertise with unsurpassed technological capabilities.
  • All services are monitored and supported by INS LifeGuard’s highly qualified nurses from our state-of-the-art Emergency Response Centre, located in Australia.

About Claude

With over 30 years’ experience in senior management, Claude has extensive experience in Health Care, particularly in the area of community care delivery systems and technology development. Claude is also an Executive Member of the social Support Monitoring Association, also known as PERSA (Personal Emergency Response Services Association). He has a Dip A.R.M. and is a Justice of the Peace.

Claude has been instrumental in developing exciting new service delivery methods and technologies across Australia, including mobile community care management systems as well as patented, converged technologies and virtual services that support the health and welfare of community-based clients.

Claude has been working with the National Broadband network (nbnco) for over five years to remedy technical and process issues in assisting the aged and, in particular, users of medical alarms in the transition of technologies and services to the new network.

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