What if you’re a self-funded retiree 4.7

Self-Funded Retirees

What happens if you’re a self-funded Retiree or if you don’t get a means tested income support payment?

If you are a self-funded retiree, then you will need to have an income assessment from the DHS, otherwise you will pay the maximum fee.

Even if you know you will need to pay the maximum fee it is still worth having the income tested fee assessment as all payments made under the Home Care Package will be counted towards a lifetime cap that crosses over to residential aged care.  This could save over $60,000 per person and while your funds may feel more flush now, this might not be the case in 15 years’ time.

Other Fees 

Any other amounts must be agreed between you and your provider.  You can opt in and opt out of additional care and services as suits your needs.