The Royal Commission into Aged Care

Our response


I've worked as a Physiotherapist in aged care homes for close to 15 years and can assure you that the individual examples presented in the Four Corners investigation are isolated incidences.  When you look at the number of aged care residents that are well cared for, it's obvious that there are wonderful operators and staff taking exceptional care of our loved ones.  We want you to be confident that carers are doing the best they can with the time they have.  This is a funding challenge, not a care challenge which will be brought to light by the aged care Royal Commission.  

- Jill Baynes

Video Transcript - Royal Commission into Aged Care

You will be aware there is a Royal Commission to investigate the quality and safety of Australia’s aged care and home care.

The media has shown us individual examples of very poor treatment verging on abuse of frail and defenceless residents in aged care homes, all of which have been shameful. 

As somebody who has worked in nursing homes for close on 15 years I want to reassure you that these are extremely isolated incidences, and overwhelmingly our mums and dads are cared for with great personal commitment and warmth by care staff across the country.

Make no mistake, things do happen and we have to work doubly hard to always do better.

But I ask you to look at the numbers and be reassured that overwhelmingly your parents are in good hands.

What we do need is more time to provide this care and support. This is a funding challenge, not a care challenge, and we all expect the Royal Commission to deliver solutions here.

Across Australia, we have close to 200,000 people living in nursing homes, with increasing frailty.

Another 80,000 older people receive long-term support in their own home, plus another 800,000 people receive community support.

This is a lot of care. In fact, over 350,000 people work every day in aged care, looking after our mothers and fathers. It is a big responsibility, but it is also an honour.

This is a 24/7, 365 days a year job. It’s very personal, and it requires time, quality time.

Carers are there every step of the day, from showering and bathing in the morning, to supporting eating, to medications, through to making beds – lots of beds!

Carers get to know residents and clients really well – they are partners on a very personal journey.

But carers are amongst the lowest paid workers in our community, despite having the responsibility for our most frail and vulnerable and important people.

Most carers can earn more working elsewhere, but they choose to be carers. This tells you something.

We ask carers to look after our parents for us. You can be assured they are doing the best they can with the time they have.

If you do have concerns or complaints, don’t hesitate to express them. We all want the best care and the best result for our mums and dads.