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99-year-old Aussie swimmer smashes 50m freestyle world record


George Corones swam the 50m freestyle for the 100-104 age group in a record time of 56.12 seconds – beating his personal best – at the Commonwealth Games swimming trials on the Gold Coast.

The previous record was one minute and 31 seconds.

To give you an idea of how fast this is, the current men’s world record is 20.91 seconds – and was set by a 23-year-old.

The legend then went one better and beat the 100m freestyle record by a minute.

Asked how he celebrated the occasion, Mr Corones told SBS News: “Well, I always carry a water bottle with me.”

The Queensland resident only took up swimming at the age of 80 when he retired to get some exercise, but believes it has contributed to his long life.

“It’s been a comfortable and slow improving physical and mental activity,” Mr Corones said.

One thing’s for sure – he’s swimming laps around us.

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