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A DIY flatpack home from Bunnings? Yes, it’s real!


The portable, pre-fabricated homes are flying off the shelves in New Zealand – with two-bedrooms starting at just AUD$65,000 and four-bedrooms asking around AUD$107,000.

Sadly, the hardware giant says it doesn’t currently have plans to bring its ‘Clever Living Co’ range (pictured) to Aussie shores, since the different housing rules between our states, territories and council areas are a headache to navigate.

Range from 37.5 sqm up to 59.6 sqm, the homes technically classify as “tiny houses”, which are gaining popularity here at home, but aren’t officially legal yet.

But in NZ, Bunnings has already sold 50 of the new designs in 12 months, and they’re proving particularly popular with retirees and first home buyers.

Seems that in the face of a struggling housing market, more and more people are considering the downsize to a smaller place – even one that can be assembled on wheels.

Time to get out the toolbox?

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