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Amazing! 84-year-old pole vaulter reaches World Masters Athletics Championship


Now this is the definition of ‘ageing well’.

Flo Filion Meiler of Vermont (USA – pictured) competed at the World Championship in Poland in track and field events – 60-metre hurdles, the 800-metre run, 200-metre relay, triple jump, long jump, pentathlon and pole vaulting.

Already impressed? Well, it’s about to get better.

Flo only got into pole vaulting – a sport involving running at full speed with a long, fiberglass pole and then using it to fling yourself over a high bar – when she turned 65 (yes, 65!)

But she quickly became a pro, and at 80-years-old she set a world record for women’s vaulting. And Flo isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

“I train five days a week,” she said. “And when I found out I was going to compete at the worlds, I’ve been training six days a week because I knew I would really get my body in shape.”

I wouldn’t worry about that, Flo – it sounds like you’re about in shape as it gets.

Watch her skills here.

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