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Only in America: Trump sets new record – for cabinet staff turnover


No US President in the last century has gone through so many senior officials in their first two years of office going back to Woodrow Wilson, who served from 1913 to 1921, according to analysis released by NPR.

Does Trump regret this 2012 jab at Obama now?

Generally, presidents have their ‘dream team’ Cabinet in place in their first two years and only begin shaking up their Cabinet after the mid-term elections.

But in just under 14 months, Trump has already had more Cabinet turnover than 14 of his predecessors in their first two years. Just last week, he dismissed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson – via Twitter as you do – making him the shortest-serving SoS in recent history.

Several other cabinet members are also rumoured to be in the potential line to hear ‘You’re fired!’

Asked about the latest news of possible cabinet departures, the President said: “There will always be change, and I think you want to see change. And I want to also see different ideas.”

Just another sign that Trump is unlike the Presidents who have come before him – for better or worse.

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