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Attention germophobes! Men with beards are dirtier than dogs


Watch out, those of you who like a hipster man. A new report says bearded men carry more germs in their facial hair than dogs carry in their fur.

Admittedly, the study was quite small, only looking at the beard hygiene of 18 men compared to the coats of 30 pups – but the results were clear (and to be honest, we don’t need much more information than that).

So, what if you have a bearded fellow in your life?

Experts say he should be washing his beard “just like you wash the hair on your head” – shampooing and conditioning two to three times a week. And the occasional scrub to exfoliate the skin underneath certainly won’t hurt.

So, pass those tips on to your hairy-faced friends (and maybe give your dog a bath too!)

Pictured: Famous bearded game keeper Rubeus Hagrid in ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ (2001).

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