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The Australian sisters busting myths about ageing


Tricia Duffield, 60, and her sister Kathy, 56, are the entrepreneurs behind Aussie Sisters, an online business helping women get fit at any age.

bootybusterTheir solution? The BootyBuster, a resistance band that you can use whenever – and wherever – you want.

The sisters, long-time fitness trainers and instructors, decided to launch the strength-building bands as a business after talking about how hard it was to stay fit when you were travelling or looking after family.

Sisters doin’ it for themselves

Simple to use on their own or looped together, the bands fit easily into a bag or pocket and are suitable for everyone including older people.

“Someone who may not have great mobility or hasn’t exercised for years can still use the bands to improve their strength, balance and joint health,” Tricia says.

They’re also cheaper than a gym, at $19.95 for a pack of three.

caravan“One of our customers has been travelling Australia in a caravan and she uses them to keep fit while she’s on the road,” Tricia adds.

They also have videos of different workouts for the bands on their website.

And their advice to other budding older entrepreneurs? Don’t be afraid to give it a go, the sisters say: “In business, the risk of failure is always there but it makes life so much more interesting.”

Check out their website here.

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