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Comments Policy

The rules of engagement for The Donaldson Sisters are pretty much the same as in wider society. Be polite, show respect to others, avoid offence, don’t use bad language and don’t be a crashing bore! We will use our judgement and trust you will use yours but we reserve the right to reject, remove or edit comments for brevity, to avoid offense or for other purposes.

So let’s be clear about it:

  1. Be polite and respectful. We welcome strong opinions and lively debates but reject personal attacks, threats, hate-speech and comments that are offensive or discriminatory toward particular segments of society on the basis of their race, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability or age.
  2. It goes without saying that anything that is defamatory will be rejected.
  3. Keep it clean. It’s a diverse public forum and gratuitous use of four letter words and other obscenities have no place here. Even if you feel they have become accepted in many conversational settings…
  4. “Don’t feed the trolls!” Who are the trolls? In internet slang, a ‘troll’ is someone who deliberately upsets others by starting arguments or posting unnecessarily abusive and inflammatory messages in comments sections, on blogs, in chatrooms, or other online forums. In the old fairytale definition, trolls are smelly, nasty, cave dwelling creatures who revel in mud, dirt and slime…so you can see they’re pretty similar. If you think there’s a troll at work and we’ve missed it, please let us know. At the same time we also ask you not engage with (feed) trolls. Your reaction is exactly what they want. All of it will be removed.
  5. Don’t use your comments as a barely disguised opportunity to promote your commercial products and services or recruit customers.
  6. While we welcome your thoughts on ‘sensitive topics’ like politics and religion, please remember it’s a discussion platform, not a soapbox; so we thank you for refraining from blatant campaigning, lobbying or proselytizing.
  7. Stay on topic, don’t ramble off on a tangent or ‘bang on’. As a guide, most points can be made well in a few paragraphs – around 200 words or fewer. The upper limit for a well written response should be 400 words.
  8. Post your own comments as yourself. Feel free to reference relevant people or organisations but do not present other people’s work as your own or pose as someone else.
  9. Do not breach other people’s privacy by sharing their contact details.
  10. Don’t use the comments forum for articles to contact us individually or ask us a question. See the ‘contact us’ page of the website to find our phone number or send us an email.