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We are connecting our bodies to IT and retirement villages are leading the way


A new study has revealed 56 per cent of people aged over 65 use technology at least monthly to track medical information.

The Accenture 2016 Consumer Survey on Patient Engagement found wearables were seen as vital to help with understanding health conditions (73 per cent) and overall quality of health (63 per cent).

Retirement villages first. Picture this – you have just come out of hospital but should be monitored at home.

The largest emergency call and phone provider for Australian retirement villages, INS, is installing its Lifeguard communications unit in over 50,000 village homes. They provide Bluetooth devices to each village to lend to people returning from hospital to monitor their health.

Their TeleHealth Service allows people to monitor conditions such as diabetes, COPD, chronic heart failure or unstable blood pressure at home.

Vital signs are automatically recorded and can be sent to a nurse at INS for monitoring.

With Australians now set to live longer than ever as we reported here, we should all keep a watch on our numbers.

Christopher Baynes

Chris Baynes is a columnist and publisher of Frank & Earnest. He is also the publisher of, the leading national directory of retirement villages and aged care services in Australia.

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