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Where else but China? Seniors strut their stuff in over-55s swimsuit competition


Over 400 women and men competed in the Grandbikini contest in the city of Tianjin last weekend, an annual event hosted by the Hetong Elderly Welfare Association to promote positive attitudes to ageing.

Now in its third year, it wasn’t just about the swimwear however with contestants also competing in a traditional costume round and an evening wear show.

Grandbikini contestant Ma Jing. Credit: Reuters

All in all, the judges handed out over 100 awards on the day, but unlike a traditional beauty contest, participants say it’s more about proving that you’re never too old to flaunt it.

Ma Jing, a 78-year-old cancer survivor, was the oldest contestant on the day.

“If I can take part in a bikini contest at this age, for me it means I’m mentally happy and healthy,” she told Reuters.

Too right.

See a video from the contest here.

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