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Have you ever ‘Googled’ how to change a lightbulb?


It turns out you’re not alone. A new interactive website has pulled together the world’s 100 most-searched ‘how-to’ questions on Google – revealing ‘how to fix’ things around the house is one of the top-rated searches.

Created in collaboration with Google News Lab, the site – titled ‘How To Fix a Toilet’ – shows Aussies are much more likely to search ‘how to fix a fridge, sink or toilet’ than the rest of the world – a clear nod to our DIY culture (and possibly too many episodes of ‘Better Homes and Gardens’).

And it would seem we’ve also forgotten how to do other basic adult tasks too, with how to boil an egg, be a good kisser and get a passport top of the list.

Some ‘how to’ searches are also seasonal – unsurprisingly, ‘how to lose weight’ peaks in January.

Adults struggling to ‘adult’

Other top ‘how-to’ Google searches included:

  • How to get pregnant (if you’re asking Google this one, we’d say you’re already in trouble)
  • Impress a girl (hint: take the rubbish out)
  • Tell if a guy likes you (he actually takes the rubbish out)
  • Write a letter (harder than you would think in this day of email and instant message)
  • How to tie a tie (a completely valid query)
  • Solve a Rubik’s Cube (the classic conundrum)
  • Stop snoring (very important if you’re in a relationship)
  • Get rid of dandruff (ditto)

The website’s creators says it highlights how much we now depend on Google to know ‘how to do’ everyday things we previously would have asked our parents, family or friends how to do.

Interestingly, one of the most popular searches was ‘how to be happy’.

We may not have the answer to that one – but we’re pretty sure a screen won’t tell you either.

Check out the full website here.

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