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Fair go mate: Perth streaker gets fined $5,000 – raises $5,400 on crowdfunding


23-year-old Ben Jenkins had received the fine – plus a 36-month ban from all cricketing venues – from Cricket Australia after ‘christening’ Perth’s new Optus stadium during its first international match.

Ben’s GoFundMe page

“I talked the talk so I had to walk the walk,” he told Nine News.

Optus Stadium CEO Mike McKenna told Fairfax Media: “I think it’s dangerous … no one likes that sort of thing.”

But clearly we do. Ben’s already recouped his losses after setting a GoFundMe page which raised the cash – plus an extra $400 – in just 14 hours.

“After being taken to the cleaners by the new stadium on beers and the food, surely a contribution to the best entertainment of the day is in order,” one contributor posted.

Proof us Aussies really do love our nudie runs?

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