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France’s strangest mystery solved: where did all the Garfield phones come from?


Yes, really. Garfield-branded phones (pictured) and other products have been mysteriously washing up on beaches in Brittany (western France) for almost 40 years.

It started in the 1980s, but no one was able to figure out where the once-very-popular items dedicated to the iconic cartoon character were coming from.

Now a media campaign has finally solved the mystery.

Local man Rene Morvan alerted investigators to a shipping container filled with Garfield products that was lost in a storm which he said had been stuck in a remote sea cave.

With his help, French environmentalists located the container – with plenty of the 40-year-old merchandise still completely intact.

We expect the people of Brittany are now celebrating – we hope with lasagne.

Pictured: Ad for Garfield phone (1980s).

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