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If you were going to buy yourself a luxury car, how would you pay for it?


Probably not with small change – but that’s exactly what one Chinese man has done.

The man reportedly paid for the $US58,000 (400,000 yuan) Toyota Land Cruiser Prado with sacks of coins and small currency notes, according to the South China Morning Post.

The coins allegedly ranged from just 1 jiao (1.5 cents ) to 1 yuan (15 cents), and the bags so heavy, the owner actually blew a tyre taking the cash to the dealership in Zhengzhou in Henan province.

It took four staff members 12 hours to count the money – “My hands are still twitching,” one employee was quoted as saying.

A common problem

The man, who owns a flour shop, had saved all the coins he had received through the shop. He had tried to buy the car at other dealers, but they refused to take the money. Banks had also declined his request to change the coins and notes for larger bills.

It sounds bizarre, but in China, it’s not so unusual. Many businesses deal in small coins but banks are reluctant to take them due to lack of storage space and fear of counterfeit coins.

Earlier this year, a woman from eastern China had to use a truck to deposit 540,000 yuan (US$78,000) in small change at a bank.

Gives a whole new meaning to taking a load off.

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