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Good news: asylum seeker family returns priceless heirlooms after accidentally taking them home in charity drive clothes


A Canberra woman who feared she’d lost a bag of priceless family rings (pictured inset) after accidentally donating them to charity was “overwhelmed” when she found out they’d been returned by the asylum seeker family who’d taken them home.

Asylum seeker, Inas Alkhazraji (who fled war-torn Iraq with her family in 2014) picked up some new socks from the charity drive for her husband, Sameer Alazraqi (pictured above with their children) and noticed a small pouch fall out of them.

One look at the gold and diamond rings inside told her they were probably worth “thousands” – but, more importantly, they obviously held a lot of sentimental value.

“If one puts themselves in the position of the people who lost them, they would be very sad, because it cost a lot of money and they don’t belong to us”, she said.

Ms Alkhazraji immediately rang Canberra Refugee Support (who had organised the drive) and in a spot of amazing luck, one of the volunteers managed to get in touch with the owner.

The family says they’re “delighted” that jewellery found its way home – but, understandably, they still can’t believe their bizarre find.

A Good Samaritan act if I’ve ever heard one!

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