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Good news: soon you will be able to compare home care providers’ prices more easily


Currently just 15 per cent of home care providers list their prices on the Government’s My Aged Care portal, making it hard for clients and their families to compare the costs of home care services.

Now the Minister for Aged Care Ken Wyatt is doing something about it. He’s announced that approved providers to start publishing their pricing on My Aged Care, either as a PDF on the Home Care Package Service Finder or a website link – and he’s making it mandatory from October 2018.

The Government is also rolling out a pricing comparability guide for common home care services from April next year.

It’s a welcome step. The home care reforms introduced by the Government in February 2017 have made it easier for consumers to choose their own provider – but if you can’t readily compare prices, how can you make an informed decision?

Mr Wyatt has also warned providers to keep administrative charges – which historically have taken up to 30 per cent of the total funding package – to a minimum.

Another win for consumers then.

A practising aged care physiotherapist for the past 13 years, Jill has worked in more than 50 metropolitan and regional aged care homes. She has also toured care facilities across the US and Africa. She is a passionate advocate for both the residents in aged care and the staff that serve them.

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