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Got weed? Perth’s Water Corp advises residents to look after their ‘pot’ plants


The WA utility had social media users in fits of laughter after tweeting a message warning residents to go easy on water supplies – alongside a picture of Sesame Street’s Ernie watering a marijuana plant.

Wished everybody a ‘Happy #WaterAFlowerDay’, the message also listed the benefits of owning (pot) plants including the ‘fantastic smell’ and plants’ ability to ‘brighten your day’.

Residents quickly picked up the error, forcing Water Corp to delete the tweet and apologise for the “innocent mistake”.

They’re not the first company to post a seemingly harmless picture that turned out to be inappropriate however.

KFC’s unintentionally ‘hot-and-spicy’ tweet from 2016

In 2016, KFC tweeted a photo of a man and a woman on a couch with the line: “WARNING: #NSFW. Something hot and spicy is coming soon…”

The woman seemed to be grabbing something on the man’s lap which was blurred out – leaving a LOT to the imagination.

The perils of social media …

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