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Indian woman becomes social media sensation – for writing “husband-proof” shopping list


Era Gaurav Golwalkar has told the BBC the detailed lists for her husband Guarav – including drawings of each item and size guides – were created to “solve a weekly problem” after the couple married.

“We decided to split the household chores. But there was one problem … he had no experience with anything related to cooking.”

“When I first sent him to purchase vegetables, it was an epic fail and an argument ensued between us. The second time was no better. Nor was the third.”

She thought the grocers were taking advantage of her husband’s inexperience to sell him poor-quality produce so she began doing detailed drawings of items and explaining how to pick the right vegies – and it worked.

The lists have now gone viral, being shared thousands of times on social media, and while a few men have found the list condescending, most seem to be having a good laugh.

Gaurav doesn’t seem to be offended either. “Now if I get something wrong, I have proof that it wasn’t in the specification and she can’t deny it,” he said.

Personally, I’d be taking notes guys.

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