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McDonald’s lifts new breakfast idea straight from Seinfeld – just selling muffin tops


The fast food giant has started selling “muffin toppers” in a number of US stores as it looks to win back breakfast customers.

McDonald’s new “muffin toppers”. Credit: McDonald’s

According to, McDonald’s early morning rush has steadily dropped off since it introduced “all-day breakfasts” in 2015.

It’s just one of a number of new strategies including discount meals and even a catering service – but all social media users care about is the fact that Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s character Elaine Benes already hatched the same idea in a 1997 episode of the popular comedy, aptly titled ‘The Muffin Tops’.

Of course, if the executives who approved this idea had watched the whole episode, they’d know it doesn’t exactly go to plan. Elaine is left with with an overwhelming number of muffin “stumps” that no one wants – because they’re missing the best part.

Still the ploy could work out in real life – if not, McDonald’s can take comfort in the fact they’ve been giving customers muffin tops for years.

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