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NZ Prime Minister Jacinta Ardern ranks Australia’s ‘most trusted politician’


This probably isn’t the news our pollies wanted to hear the week of the Federal Election.

A recent poll by data company Millward Brown asked 1,400 Australians to score a range of politicians – including Prime Minister Scott Morrison, opposition leader Bill Shorten, Greens’ Richard Di Natale, and One Nation’s Pauline Hanson – in six different categories with a rating out of 100.

But Kiwi PM Jacinta Ardern (pictured) beat them all by a mile.

The categories were: relevance, integrity, shared values, commitment, affinity, and follow-through.

Ardern scored highest in relevance, integrity, and commitment, giving her a total “believability” rating of 77 — by far the best of any other pollies in question.

Morrison and Shorten (the options for our next leader in tomorrow’s election) only managed a 43 and 42 respectively.

Interestingly, the poll group also overwhelmingly favoured women – with Labor’s Penny Wong (53) and Tanya Plibersek (50), and former Liberal Julie Bishop (52), all taking out the top spots for “most believable” politician.

Bishop was also the name given in an additional question of ‘preferred candidate for Australian PM’.

Ardern wasn’t an option for the PM question in the poll – but perhaps there’s a few of us wishing she was…

A very important side note: if you’re wondering where to get yourself a ‘democracy sausage’ while voting this Saturday, check out this website to find out which polling booths have a sizzle going on!

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