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Only in America: Trump claims he called Apple CEO Tim Cook “Tim Apple” to save time


The US President has defended his slip-up at last week’s televised Workforce Policy Advisory Board meeting as a time-saving measure – saying the “Fake News” had simply misunderstood his completely intentional combination of “Tim + Apple”.

Trump took to Twitter to explain that he had referred to the CEO as Tim Apple “as an easy way to save time and words” and express his disappointment that the coverage had become “another bad Trump story”.

Cook has since jokingly changed his name on Twitter to Tim – followed by the Apple logo.

The explanation might have made sense if Trump hadn’t already offered a different one, telling an audience of Republican donors at his Mar-a-Lago Club in Florida that he had actually said “Tim Cook Apple” very quickly, but the “Cook” part was said too softly to be heard.

The incidents have now been labelled some of “Trump’s weirdest lies ever.”

That’s really saying something.

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