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Only in America: Trump labels London mayor a “loser” before meeting with the Queen on UK visit


Trump landed at London’s Buckingham Palace in a presidential helicopter earlier this week to kick off several days of diplomatic talks and events hosted by the British Royal Family.

But the President had already ruffled a few feathers before he touched down in the UK – starting a Twitter feud with the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, where he called Mr Khan “a stone cold loser” who has done “a terrible job” as Mayor.

His comments were a response to Khan saying it would be “un-British” to roll out the red carpet for Trump, and that he would boycott the visit.

The two men have had a rough relationship since 2016. Khan (a Muslim man of Pakistani background) is a vocal critic of Trump’s views on issues such as immigration and terrorism.

But London’s citizens also haven’t let Trump off lightly for his comments – taunting the US leader with a large projection of his current approval ratings in the UK versus Barack Obama’s when he was President across the famous Tower of London (pictured inset).

I don’t know about you, but it sounds to me like the President needs a few tips on how to be a better guest.

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