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Parkinson’s sufferer regains walking ability – and learns to waltz for wife’s 80th birthday


Here’s a feel-good story for you.

Husband and wife pair Brian and Rosalie Glover were residents together at the Bethanie Field Village before serious health complications forced Brian to move into permanent care.

Brian suffers from both Parkinson’s Disease and chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIPD) – and the disorders left him almost paraplegic in just one month.

With the help of physiotherapy, Brian was able to walk again, and soon after his wife mentioned that some family members were planning an 80th birthday celebration for her.

Brian set himself a new goal: learning to waltz in secret to dance with his wife on her special day.

When the big day arrived, he bowed as low as he could (unable to kneel) and asked Rosalie that because they had missed their waltz on their wedding day, would she do him the honour of one on her 80th birthday?

The plan went perfectly, and there weren’t many dry eyes left in the room when the dance was over.

“It proves that no man is too old to sweep the woman of his heart off her feet”, said Brian.

Brian’s not done yet either – he’s hoping to learn the quick-step for her 90th.

See a video of their beautiful dance here.

Lauren is a journalist for, agedcare101 and The Donaldson Sisters. Growing up in a big family in small town communities, she has always had a love for the written word, joining her local library at the age of six months. With over eight years' experience in writing and editing, she is a keen follower of news and current affairs with a nose for a good story.

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