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All about Japan with Adam Burke – 28.05.17


Clinton: Love to talk about travel on the show Ladies and I often get asked questions about Japan. It seems to be one of the it destinations at the moment.

Annie: It does at the minute. I think with skiing a couple of years ago it’s increased people’s interest in Japan. Purely just as a country let alone not skiing but for everything.

Jill: And also every second person is actually doing the walks in Japan now. In fact we’re doing one next year. Every second person you seem to talk to they’re talking about these walks you know you can do the different trails. Which are all so fabulous.

Clinton: Let’s find out more about Adam Burke is a journey designer for Japan with the travel company Scenic. Hi Adam.

Adam: Good afternoon. How are you.

Annie: Hi Adam. Adam could you tell us of all the things you could do in Japan. What would be a couple of things that you’d say would be absolute highlights.

Adam: I mean riding on the, I mean everyone as you were saying before everyone wants to go to Japan at the moment. And one of them is everyone knows about is the train travel and how efficient they are. And how quick and easy it is to get around the country by doing travelling that way. Other things obviously are taking some sort of cultural activity. That would be another big highlight people like to do whilst they’re there. Whether its a tea ceremony you know or running in to a Geisha or a Maikoi in the old quarters.

Annie: Now that would be fabulous. What are some of the things that you need to know about Japan before you go?

Adam: There’s a lot of things in Japan which we consider taboo. Which they are the opposite of or vice versa. The classic example is, I’ve got a father of 3 boys and they are sniffling around and he’s always telling them to blow your nose to stop them sniffling. And you don’t that in Japan. You don’t, blowing your nose in public is deemed in-polite.

Jill: I also heard that showing your cleavage is not considered exactly de rigueur.

Adam: It’s quite ironic. The skirt can be as short as you want it but you don’t show any cleavage. Yeah. Just different things. You know what we consider not a problem. It’s not necessary the thing there. You know wearing, you never have bare feet. You always take your shoes off whenever you go in to anyone’s house. Most restaurants will be a case of you take your shoes off to go in.

Annie: Is English widely spoken?

Adam: No not really. It’s more understood than it is spoken.

Clinton: Is it expensive to travel throughout Japan?

Adam: Not as it used to be. It’s better than what it was. Certainly when I first went to Japan thirty years ago I suppose it was definitely a lot more expensive.

Clinton: Great information for us. Thanks for joining us Adam.

Adam: No problem.

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