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What to see and do in Tasmania with Suzy Yates – 21.05.17


Clinton: Older, Wiser, Happier on a Sunday afternoon with the Donaldson Sisters. We love taking you travelling because when you’re retired you’ve got a little bit more time to explore our country. And I talk about our country because today we take you ladies to Tasmania.

Annie: Yeah. You know I have been to Tasmania once and it was a work related event but I haven’t been back. And it’s been one of those places that’s been on my map to go to.

Clinton: Well you’re in luck Annie. Because Talking Lifestyle’s own Suzy Yates is a Tasmania expert. She has been there I think more than 20 times. Hello Suzy.

Suzy: Hello Ladies, hello Clinton how are you going?

Jill: So you have been to Tasmania around 20 times. Is that correct?

Suzy: I would think so. I’ve stopped counting and I haven’t been there for ages because when I was thinking about this. I thought when was the last time I was there. It was probably about two years ago but there was a period where I was going probably once a month. It’s just one of those places that once you fall in love with Tassie you never want to leave. And I was really keen on living so I had in my brain I can live in Sydney for six months of the year and then I can live in Tassie for six months of the year.

Annie: We’ve got friends that have just done that actually. Well actually they did that initially. They’ve now decided to move to Hobart permanently.

Suzy: Hobart’s fantastic. The reason I used to go a lot is because I had a client and he had a series of hotels. So over the period of time that I was involved with him and his business I saw that whole Cradle Mountain area you know that resort be built. Not the old one but the newer one. And then he did a series of he owned a hotel in Hobart and a series of apartments and then in Launceston. So we would travel around the country for work purposes but I also went there regularly to do treks. Because I’m one of these people that loves just turning off, disappearing and you know going into the wilderness.

Annie: So to go down to Tassie, if you want to go for like a three or four day break looking at like a long weekend which I think would be fabulous for Sydneysiders and people living in Brisbane and Melbourne because it’s not that far away to whip down, do Tassie and then come home. So is that a good enough time period to see some of it?

Suzy: Oh definitely yeah. So in that period for example if you take Friday off if you’re fortune enough to do that so it’s an hour and a half flight from Sydney, two hours from Brisbane and from Melbourne well you know you could just walk. If you could walk on water. But it really is it’s like a half an hour over. You spend more time in the airport than you will in the air. So I would if I was doing three days and I’d never been there before I would go to one of two destinations. So I’d either go to Hobart and get there for the Saturday morning Salamanca markets school which is so fantastic. And you know you can sit out there and you’re surrounded by people having fun. All sorts of people. There’s an ice carver and I’m not sure if he’s still there but you know in the dead of winter they have this wonderful winter festival. And in the middle of winter everybody is rugged up watching this guy carve ice which is really good. And there’s all sorts food. So Salamanca is great. And then of course outside of Hobart there’s this beautiful place Kettering. So you can just jump on a ferry and go down to Kettering and have lunch in the winery. There’s this gorgeous winery. Yes so anywhere in and around Hobart there’s plenty of things to do. And of course I haven’t seen it yet. But Mum and Dad were down there a couple of weeks ago because they’ve now become complete Tas nuts as well. To see Mona and you know people really rave about that. Hobart in itself you could in two or three days. If you had a little bit more time and you don’t mind driving from Hobart you can then go south. You can go down and do Port Arthur but from Hobart you can also do Maria Island which is a day trip and is amazing. That’s where they’ve got the incredible painted caves. But the walks on Maria Island, because there’s now tours you can actually go and spend two or three days there and the other one that’s in that area too is Bruny Island.

Jill: Their oysters are just so good. It’s so good.

Suzy: The other place that I would go if I only had a couple of days, you can either fly in to Davenport or the cruise ships go in there now. And if you hop out around that area and then you go inland a little bit towards Cradle Mountain because you could get to Cradle Mountain in that time. It’s not a long way. I mean that’s spectacular. But there’s this area around Sheffield at kind of the back of Bernie and Davenport and it’s like going into the English countryside. It is spectacular. And I did the very first time I went to Tassie I did the whole thing in a camper van over two weeks. And when you’re living in a camper van you can explore all these great places.

Annie: And speaking of doing that in a camper van would that be an optimum time to do in a camper van around Tassie do you think. Two weeks?

Suzy: Yes. And January. I tell you why. Because in January the sun doesn’t set until about nine o’clock in Tasmania. And so your day is really really long.

Jill: A few years ago my husband and I went down and did a week’s white water rafting on the Franklin and it was one of the experiences of my lifetime I have to say. Apart from the fact that it rained all week and we were stranded on the rocks for three days and we slept in glow worm caves. It was amazing. It is so beautiful down there that wilderness. Yeah.

Annie: So Susie just to round up then, your top 10 places to go in Tassie. What would they be?

Suzy: Narrowing down to 10. Ok, I would definitely do Hobart and I would go to Launceston. Launceston is gorgeous and that beautiful gorge and the great thing about Launceston to because you’re on the Tamar River is there’s a lot of wineries dotted around there so that would be my relaxing place. My third place would definitely be the Cradle Mountain at the Overland track. If you had three or four days. Wine Glass Bay without a doubt. Around that Coles Bay area once again this is on the East Coast. Been to Long Bay as I mentioned St. Helens. I would go to Port Arthur because I think that historical side is really important. But really be prepared for goosebumps because I can’t explain what it’s like going to Port Arthur. I would also go back to Trial Harbour which is on the West Coast which is where the wildest surf is. So if you’re a real outdoors person Trial Harbour. And it does take a bit of effort to get there. The other place which is really cool which is right at the top of Tassie and I’m sort of pointing a map. Is this place called Stanley where they have the Stanley Nut. The nut’s kind of cool as well. Where else would I go. Pretty much everywhere. I’d go back to Maria Island now that they’ve developed it more and they’re doing all these different walking tours. So there you go. That’s my Tassie in a bottle.

Clinton: Talking Lifestyle’s very own Suzy Yates. Thank you Suzy.

Jill: Thanks Suzy.

Suzy: Anytime.

Clinton: This is Older, Wiser, Happier on Talking Lifestyle.

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