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The perfect gift: Sydney zoo will let you name a snake after your ex


Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Wild Life Sydney has launched a competition giving the winner the chance to name a brown snake after their former lover.

Entrants must provide their ex’s name and the reason why they deserve to have their ‘snaky status’ cemented, along with a $1 donation that will go towards the WILD LIFE Conservation Fund, which is dedicated to conserving our native wildlife.

The lucky winner will not only know that their ex will forever be remembered as a cold-blooded reptile – they’ll also get a certificate and the opportunity to visit said-reptile for free every day for the next year (not sure about that part of the prize – who wants to see their ex again?)

The zoo’s General Manager Mark Connolly say they hope to provide someone unlucky in love with something else to celebrate on Valentine’s Day (aside from getting rid of any venomous creatures in their lives).

Of course, naming creepy-crawlies after your ex is not a new idea. Two zoos in the UK and the US are currently letting people name a cockroach after their ex-partner for Valentine’s Day in exchange for a donation.

Brown snakes live a lot longer than cockroaches however – around seven years – so we think this competition is a better bet if you want to maintain the rage.

You’d better get in quick though – the competition closes here on 13 February 2019.

The Twitter post about the competition.

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