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US man awarded $37,500 – after cops mistake his doughnut crumbs for drugs


It sounds like a joke – but a Florida man has just been paid out by the city of Orlando over his 2015 arrest after police officers identified crumbs from his Krispy Kreme doughnut as methamphetamine.

Daniel Rushing, 65, had been pulled over by police for a traffic violation, but after officers identified a “rock-like substance” on the floor of his car as methamphetamine using a field drug test, he was handcuffed, arrested and strip searched.

However, the officers who did the test had not been trained to use the drug tests and another test by the police department determined it was sugar from the doughnut (the results did not say whether the substance was sweet and delicious).

Florida Police have since provided its officers with more training in using field drug kits, while Mr Rushing now hopes to clear his record.

He still eats a Krispy Kreme doughnut every Wednesday though.

“He just doesn’t eat it in his car,” the city’s report on the case states.

Smart thinking.

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