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US man escapes maximum-security prison – using a drone


It’s true. Jimmy Causey, who was serving a life sentence for kidnapping, allegedly escaped from his South Carolina prison after using a smuggled mobile phone to arrange the delivery of wire cutters by drone, according to Associated Press.

Prison escapee Jimmy Causey

He then cut through four fences and left a dummy in his bed to trick guards. He was apprehended three days later.

Prison security experts told AP that the cutters could only have been delivered by drone.

“They have to land for you to get the contraband off of them,” Kevin Tamez said. “They can’t drop it like a bomb.”

Drone crime on the rise

It sounds strange – but the smuggling of drugs and other contraband into prison via drone is proving a serious problem for prison authorities.

The UK even set up an investigative squad for “drone crime” in April, while the US Bureau of Prisons is investigating technology that could be used to stop drones near gaols.

Still we’re not sure it beats the inmates at Victoria’s Port Phillip prison who were recently caught smuggling in banned items – using soiled laundry collected from nearby aged care facilities.

Puts a whole new spin on getting your hands dirty.

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