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US university offers world’s first marijuana degree


Students in the four-year Medicinal Plant Chemistry program at Northern Michigan University won’t be getting high or growing their own plants – they’ll take classes covering everything from biology and chemistry to marketing.

It may sound strange, but legal ‘pot’ is one of the fastest-growing industry.  29 US states have legalised medicinal cannabis, while nine allow small amounts of marijuana for adult use, with Forbes magazine forecasting the sale of recreational marijuana will grow to $11.2 billion by 2020.

There’s been plenty of interest in the program too, according to its head associate professor of chemistry Brandon Canfield.

“We’re receiving all sorts of calls and emails expressing interest in the program from retirees all the way down to your traditional first-time freshman,” he said.

He also says they’ve got a long list of local licensed businesses who want to take the students for internship programs.

Just no potheads or slackers.

Top Picture Credit: Civilised Life

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