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[Video] Amazing 3D projection mapping à la table!


When artists experiment with the capability of new technologies, they can create magic – kind of literally!

This short video shows the work of an artist’s collective based in Belgium, called Skullmapping. You need to watch to get a sense of it but according to their website, they use “3D projection mapping techniques, and a profound artistic knowledge” to “tell stories with stunning bespoke visuals.”

If you have ever been to a light festival such as Sydney’s very popular Vivid Festival, you will have an idea of what 3D projection mapping is about.  And it is becoming increasingly popular.

We create projections on buildings, in boxes, on shapes or simply on the ground, which results in the most surprising scenes. We add extra dimensions, optical illusions, and notions of movement onto previously static objects. Skullmapping deals with art in an experimental, technology-related way.

This is an incredible example, that can be delivered to your dinner table!  It really is quite magical. Watch and be amazed.


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