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[Video] You’re never too old for it… sport!


“Aged to perfection… just a few wonky knees,” sing the women from the masters hockey team and don’t worry, they know that hockey, and not singing, is their strong suit.

You want to talk inspiration for positive ageing?  Here is a new video from the Australian Sports Commission that is ‘keeping it real’.

Swimmer“No Time For Never” celebrates participation in sporting clubs, regardless of age.  In fact, as the video ably demonstrates, it’s fantastic fun for older people.  The serious message (this is a government initiative, remember) is that, no matter how old you are, “participation in club-based sport not only allows you to have fun, but also to stay healthy, happy and remain active within the community.”

To coincide with the video’s release, a facebook page has been established to help inspire more Australians to play organised sport. We encourage you to check it out!  It looks like a lot of fun and we always love fun!

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