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Walking the dog? Be careful, warns study


Fractures from dog walking have more than doubled between 2004 and 2017 in patients aged over 65, according to the Penn Medicine study.

What’s causing the jump? The researchers say with more of us owning dogs these days – and people being urged to stay active as they get older – the risk of an injury has increased.

Study author Kevin Pirruccio says while there are undoubtedly pros to dog walking, people’s risks for falls must be factored into walking routines.

That’s certainly not to suggest that we need to abandon our wonderful pets. There are plenty of dog-walking services available to keep your pup healthy and happy if you’re not quite feeling up to a jog around the block (I know I never am!).

For instance, Animal Care for Seniors at Home (ACSAH) in QLD is a fantastic community-based, not-for-profit service that helps older people care for their pets when they’re not able to. And in NSW, RSCPA’s Community Aged Care Program are there to help too.

In fact, every state and territory has dog-walking and pet support services for you to check out. Look up what’s available in your local area today.

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