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Want to retire on a cruise ship? Now you can


New York start-up company Storylines has started selling 302 cabins on a 178-metre luxury cruise ship that will offer retirees the chance to enjoy ocean views every day – for just US$255,000 (AUD $315,000).

An artist’s impression of the Storylines cabins

There is already one famous private residential cruise ship The World, but with its 165 rooms priced from $1.8 million to $15 million, it’s out of the reach for most baby boomers.

The ship will run just like a retirement village – Storylines will own the ship, while residents will pay a monthly maintenance fee to cover food, alcohol, housekeeping and other amenities.

Storylines will also allow cabin owners to rent out their apartment – like an Airbnb, but with more vetting – when they are not using them to offset the fees.

It’s an interesting concept. The costs are comparable to what you would pay to live in a big US city like New York City or San Francisco, but without the hassle of home maintenance.

There’s also the bonus of being able to cruise the world in style. Sign us up.

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