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Would you drink Vegemite-flavoured gin? This company is hoping so!


When I said I loved Vegemite enough to drink it, this isn’t what I meant.

Sydney-based gin distiller Archie Rose has created what they call a “hot buttered toast spirit” – cleverly named Archie-mite – that channels the famous spread’s distinct yeasty flavour.

It’s made by distilling gin with 25 kilograms of churned butter and 15 kilograms of sourdough bread (yes, it’s literally liquid Vegemite on toast).

The creators have admitted the spirit will be divisive – but they’ve assured any loyal fans of Vegemite that they’re sure to love it.

Didn’t think this story could get more Australian? The drink was released in a limited-edition batch of just 3,000 bottles this week on May 8 (“mate”, get it?).

Very clever.

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