Our Work is Care - a celebration of our aged care workers


This Christmas there will be 150,000 aged care workers who instead of being at home with their families
will be caring for their second families at work. They love their jobs and are proud of the work they do.

Over 34 per cent of our aged care workers are migrants, with many leaving behind their families and friends
to come to this country for a better life. Hear their stories below.


Their Stories

Name: Chenasa
Country: Nigeria

Name: Jessica
Country: Vietnam

Name: Robert
Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo



Thank You

We’re calling on everyone to end the year on a good note – by thanking our aged care workers. If you know
an aged care worker who deserves thanks and appreciation, send us your message and we’ll post it here for everyone to see.

The team at Oxley Home Care 

Thank you to our wonderful Oxley Home Care Carers who will continue to provide care for our aged care clients on Christmas Day. We are very proud and thankful for your exceptional efforts that make a positive difference to the lives of many. 
- Gilian & Fraser Douglass

The Bays Aged Care Facility

Thank you for putting your heart and soul into everything you do! X
- Laura

The whole team 

Thank you to the team at the Bays including environmental services, kitchen , activities, care, maintenance and admin staff who contribute 110% to provide love and care to our residents. Special thanks to our team of volunteers especially the pink ladies who attend three time a week to provide fresh flowers which gladdens the hearts of residents, staff and visitors. It takes community to care for our elders.
- Judy

The whole team at Vasey RSL Care 

Just wanted to say thank you for caring for our residents throughout the year, and especially today, when you may be missing being with family and friends. Your work is so valuable and is appreciated.
- Fran 

Danielle at Macleay Valley House 

So many carers are wonderful and so many give so much but Danielle is the epitome of a loving person who really understands how important it is to value all the residents as individual people with individual likes, dislike, choices and needs. She shares her heart, her time and her life to make the lives of others the best it can be. I am so proud to call her a sister, a sister in care for all those that need a little support, encouragement , love or a voice. Thanks you Dani, you are the best.
- Erica

Anzhelika Ignatova

What a great job you do. 
- Colin

All working in aged care or caring for our senior citizens

Thank-you for all your dedication, hard work, empathy, patience and kindness caring for our elderly not only during this festive season, but all year round. We wish you a happy, inspirational and safe New Year.
- The team at Care Source

All care staff at MannaCare

Healthcare staff have an extraordinary power and privilege. On a daily basis we are not only caring for the health of our residents, but we are also creating reasons to smile, making their day pleasant, and building relationships with them who depend on us. We offer support to the grieving family members and as healthcare staff, we often have to forget our own challenges and care for others. Therefore, I take this opportunity to thank all the staff and volunteers who work at MannaCare for all their commitment, dedication and contribution to the industry and the quality of life for our elderly residents.

- Priya

Staff at Warrawer

As a volunteer, I see every week the amazing work that is lovingly carried out to enhance the lives of the residents. People at Warrawee are treated with the dignity and respect they so deserve and the staff are experts at encouraging the residents in staying connected with their community with a range of fun and relevant activities. I thoroughly enjoy my weekly visits and it is so refreshing to observe this wonderful environment. Thanks to all of the staff for their tireless dedication, and I hope that when my time comes, i am lucky enough to live in such a great community!
- Dorothy

All staff at Rosstown Community

I would not even try to thank one specific staff member at Rosstown Community because they are all so wonderful! There are the reception staff who deal with me so efficiently and friendly. The personal carers who help my aunt with such gentle encouragement. The staff who organize activities to keep my aunt engaged and connected. The cleaners and maintenance people who keep the facility looking beautiful. The managers who keep the place running so smoothly. You are all fabulous, caring people and my family are so grateful for all that you do! Thank you so much for your dedication and effort.
- Catherine

All aged care workers

The team at Decision Assist would like to thank the aged care workers who give so much of themselves all year round, but especially during the festive season. You make it special for the people you care for. We wish you a wonderful time with all of the people in your life.
- The team at Decision Assist

Lakeview carers

Thanks to all care staff and ENs and RNs for all the work you do. I appreciate and applaud your hard work and caring in all situations. Keep up the fantastic job.
- Dianne 

All carers

To the most amazing, compassionate, patient, giving and loving carers across Australia. We at Thomas Holt are so proud of each and every one of you. We are privileged to work along side you all everyday and to be your colleagues.You all work hard, you all work long hours around the clock. Even after your shift has finished many of you choose to stay to help out. You often work under pressure to get everything done and to meet the increasing high levels of families expectations. Often without the thanks and appreciation that you deserve.We know what you do, how you genuinely care and the love that you give.
- Alexandra

To all aged care staff

Everyone is so very proud of all of the wonderful, caring and committed care workers there are. You all have beautiful souls and such caring hearts. Never forget how many people thank you everyday for the difference you make in the lives of the clients you care for. I wish you all a wonderful, safe and lovely Christmas and New Years. Bless you all.
- Danielle

A.P Care Services

We at A.P. Care Services would like to thank all our wonderful, caring and reliable staff for the quality of care they provide to the people they support to remain living in their own homes as independently as possible. We wish all support workers working through the holidays a happy and safe holiday season, and especially thank their families for their understanding and compassion for those needing the support.
- Jennifer

Aged care workers I know

Thank you! Every day your work reflects the meaning of Christmas - compassion, kindness, relationships and generosity. The world would be a poorer place without you. Thank you.
- Clare

Support workers in the community

To all support workers enabling our loved ones to remain independent at home and assist families that are caring for loved ones in the community, my heartfelt thanks go out to you as you flit from home to home on Christmas Day and through out the New Year. Stay safe as you drive from place to place knowing that you will be in my heart, and I'm sure I can say from all, your visit wiill make their day more wonderful.
- Bianca

Hills Nursing, all staff

Hills Nursing are incredibly proud of our wonderful, caring and committed Community Care Staff. THANK YOU for the difference you make in the lives of the clients you care for. Special thanks to those working during the Christmas holiday period, we know it impacts the time you have with your own family. We wish you all a wonderful, safe and joyous Festive Season.
- Hills Nursing Management Team

Each and every worker in aged care

Thank you all for being such generous, kind & caring people who often have to work within timeframes that are counter productive. Wishing you every happiness for Xmas & 2017.
- Pauline

Our Lady of Consolation Aged Care Services, St Clare

Thank you to the staff of OLOC and especially the staff of St Clare, who have cared for, prepared food for, cleaned for my Mum Val Brown for four years now. You are friendly and welcoming when we visit; you are responsive when we raise concerns and you show love and respect to our mother, even though she now cannot reciprocate. You do wonderful work and we are grateful!
- Christine

You and every age care worker 

Thank you all residential and home care employees, volunteers and families working during the holidays and beyond! You do a difficult job that many do not fully appreciate or understand. Merry Christmas and a safe New Year to you all! xxx
- Roland

All Staff

To all the staff working Christmas day thank you for all you do and the joy you bring to those you care for.
- Jodi

All the Staff at Jacobs Court 

Thank you all for the care and compassion you show every day. Your commitment to aged care with a twist of fun and joy make a difference to the lives of those who call Jacobs Court home.
- Janet

The wonderful team at Sacred Heart

Thank you all for the fantastic work you do . The love and care you show for our residents is exceptional. In particular thank you for understanding and caring for a family member. His life is so much richer since he has been in your care . Wishing you all a great Christmas and a safe and happy holiday season and year to follow.
- Rose Marie

Hillcrest. All staff

Juniper Hillcrest have the best staff in Geraldton and goes well above the call of duty. Great job guys.
- Jackie

Perry Byron, Allawah Lodge Aged Persons Hostel

The care you give and the joy you share means the world to our residents and our care team. Thank you.
- Simone

Presbyterian Aged Care

Many thanks to all Aged care staffs; nurses, cleaners, maintenance, hotel and catering, RAO and all other voluntary staffs for working with our vulnerable elderly. And providing them with the best possible care daily.
- Rita

McLean Care

Christmas is a time to share joy and happiness with those we love most. For all the amazing people in Australia that dedicate their working days and nights to the care of older people, you are the gift of joy and happiness. A special thank you to the truly remarkable McLean Care staff – thank you for the wonderful work that you do.
- Sue

Sacred Heart Mission

I have been working here for nearly 5yrs as a nursing assistant. How I value my work. The feeling of warmth I get in my heart when I see the smile in my residents face. It's all worth it. Hand to hold and to care for someone who in need. I Love ❤️ my work.
- Shermin

Dellacurt Staff

As we approach the festive season and the focus for many is on presents and festive activities; I want to thank the Care Staff of Dellacourt, Lutheran Aged Care for their care and dedication to those entrusted in their care through out 2016 and the wonderful service they provide. The support and compassion shown to the care recipients who come from all walks in life is amazing. Wishing everyone a safe and happy festive season with their family and friends.
- Sheree

All the Care, Hospitality and Service Staff at North Eastern

There are times I am truly humbled and so very proud of the many special and valued employees we have at North Eastern. We get so busy in the day to day management of our facility that we forget to say the all important THANKYOU - so here is another opportunity for me to say THANKYOU and Many Best Wishes to all the aged care staff - you are like the twinkling coloured lights from the Christmas Tree, sharing your smiles, your time and your happiness with your work colleagues and the people in your care. I hope that someone in your lives take the time this Christmas to care about you and makes you feel important too.
- Mary

Theresa, Durham Green

All of the carers at Durham Green play such a huge role in the resident's lives. Theresa treated my Nanna like her own family. My Nanna loved her and looked forward to seeing her every day. Theresa accompanied my Nanna to my wedding and even attended her funeral when she passed. She became part of our family during the years my Nanna lived at Durham Green and my family and I are so grateful for her dedication to her job.
- Belinda



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Jill Donaldson

"Christmas is the perfect time to acknowledge aged care workers and the vital role that they play. With over 2,900 aged care homes across Australia, we are simply asking for the community to celebrate our work by sending a positive message of thanks."

- Jill Donaldson



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