Aged Care Fee Estimator

Our Aged Care fee Estimator will provide you with an estimate of the fees you can expect to pay when receiving Aged Care partly subsidised by the Australian government. Your actual costs may differ. Consult a Financial Adviser for a more tailored estimation.

Do you have a partner?
  • You are considered to have a partner if you are married or in a de facto relationship.
  • A de facto relationship applies to opposite sex and sex relationships.
What is your estimated annual income?

Income would include any of the following:

  • Age pension, service pension or overseas pension
  • All net income from rental property
  • War widow/ widower pensions and some disability pensions
  • Net income from business, income from superannuation income including annuities, family trust distributions and any dividends from private company shares.
Do you own your home that you live in? (Either outright or with a mortgage.)

Only one property can be classified as your family home. This can belong to either you or your partner. A family home may be:

  • A house
  • Unit
  • Caravan
  • Mobile home
  • Interest in retirement village.

(Note that a granny flat is not considered to be a home or an asset.)

Does a partner/ carer/ close relation or dependant still live in your home?

This may include:

  • A partner
  • Dependent children
  • A carer who has lived with you in the home for the past 2 years - but must be eligible for an income support payment
  • A close relation such as a sibling, parent, child, grandchild who has lived with you for the past 5 years and is also eligible for an income support payment
What is the estimated current net market value of your home?

To get the net market value of your home, deduct your total outstanding mortgage from the market value of your home. (Note that the value of your home will be capped at $ 159,631.20)

What financial assets do you own that would be classified as income?

Your family home is not considered to be an asset. Financial assets are considered to be:

  • Bank, building society and union accounts
  • All cash
  • Term deposits
  • Cheque accounts
  • Managed investments
  • Listed shares and securities
  • Loans
  • Shares in unlisted public companies
  • Gold bullion and other bullion
  • Any amounts gifted above $10,000 in the last year or $30,000 in the last five years.
What is the estimated value of your other assets?
  • House and content as well as personal effects are generally valued at $10,000.
  • Foreign assets including investments, business interest and real estate
  • All investment properties
  • Special collections including art works and antiques
  • Superannuation balances
  • Private trusts, family trusts and private companies
  • Net retirement villages entry contributions
  • Refundable accommodation deposits.
What is the value of your debts?
  • Do not include the mortgage on your family home, credit card debt, or personal loans.

Your estimate

Basic daily fee
$0.00 per day
Optional service
to be discussed with your nursing home
Means- tested care fee
$0.00 per day.
Accommodation payment
to be agreed with your nursing home
$0.00 per day

The above is an estimate only, based on information entered