How do I navigate the Aged Care System?

Welcome to the beginning of your 9-step journey to find an aged care home (nursing home) in Australia.


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During this journey you will learn how the aged care system works and what is required of you.

For other aged care services, refer to our Aged Care Overview

In this section you will learn:




  • The costs involved in moving to an aged care home (nursing home) 
  • Clear explanations of the keywords and terms
  • Other important information regarding the 9 step journey you are embarking on


How do you get through the aged care system?

Getting through Australia’s whole aged care system is a process and sometimes the bureaucracy can seem frustrating but we provide the knowledge for you to take it one step at a time.


What are aged care home operators?

Aged care homes (nursing homes) are run by a wide variety of organisations and companies that are referred to as aged care providers.


What is the government's role in aged care?

The Commonwealth government is responsible for the aged care system in Australia.


What are aged care providers?

There are three main peak bodies representing aged care providers.