How do I move into an aged care home?

This section is important – we urge you to plan ahead.


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In this section you will learn:




  • The discussions you should have well in advance of moving
  • The money discussion – understanding what, why and when
  • Who does what?  What to do to make it easier
  • Understanding the legal and paperwork - there is a list
  • The key steps for a successful move


How do I discuss the move into an aged care home?

At times there is a tendency to put off ‘delicate’ conversations.


What's involved in the cost and move into an aged care home?

You will need a clear understanding of your money situation.


What paperwork is required moving into an aged care home?

We keep mentioning this because it is so important – time and paperwork is your enemy.


How do I manage family and expectations when my parent is moving to an aged care home?

Most families pull together at this time, when a brother, sister or parent is moving to an aged care home (nursing home).


What are the 'steps' to sell the family home?

Our consistent advice is to commence the process of selling the family home early – at least 12 months before you expect to sell.


What legal documents and other items will I need at the time of the move into an aged care home?

In this section we review the paperwork required to support the actual move to an aged care home (nursing home) and other items to consider.