How do I apply for an aged care home?

Applying for a place in an aged care home can be a streamline process if you know how.


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In this section you will learn




  • How to create a shortlist of possible homes
  • That you can apply to several homes at the same time
  • How to arrange visits to aged care homes
  • Questions to ask to help you make the best decisions
  • How to apply to aged care homes
  • How to make the best final decision


In Australia 57% of all aged care 'beds' are operated by Not for Profit churches, charities and community groups.  Private operators make up 38% and local and state governments account for 5%.  All operators are subject to the same government standards and regulations.

Stuart Hutcheon, Managing Partner,


How do I create a shortlist of aged care homes?

When you begin searching the directory for an aged care home (nursing home), you should start with these basic questions.


Should I visit my shortlisted aged care homes?

Before you make any decisions, you should visit the homes in person. If you are looking for a home on behalf of someone else, take them too if they are able to come.


What are the best questions to ask when you visit an aged care home?

Visiting the home is your opportunity to really get a sense of what it would be like to live there.


How do I apply to an aged care home?

Before you can be offered a place in a home, you need to formally apply.


What is the process of accepting a place in an aged care home?

When you are applying for a place in an aged care home (nursing home), you could, be offered a place in an aged care home straight away or be offered a chance to join the waiting list.