About Us

You can trust agedcare101

The information provided in agedcare101 has been produced with the utmost care to ensure it is correct, independent and able to be updated regularly as changes occur.

What is the agedcare101 business model?

To ensure you can have confidence in our advice, we want to be transparent about the business model for agedcare101.

Agedcare101 is a collaboration between the following partners – all ‘experts’ in the area of aged care, in their different fields.

What are the agedcare101' sources of income?

We make our income in two main ways:


These annual fees, together with the fees from the directory, means we are able to provide a high-quality education for consumers at no cost.

Importantly, not just any organisation can become an expert partner. The agedcare101 commercial expert partners are all already experts in their field, many with decades of experience.

At times, our expert partners will provide commentary and advice on topics, especially things like new policies or changes to an existing aspect of aged care in which they have expertise.  Agedcare101 will always identify ‘expert partners’ as distinct from other experts whom we consult or quote.

How have we put the information together?

The combined background and experience of the core agedcare101 team and our networks provide an impressive repository of knowledge about ageing and aged care in Australia.  Even so, we have undertaken a rigorous research process to ensure the reliability of the content for agedcare101.

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Our research has been undertaken via a number of methods:

  • As ‘desktop’ researchers, we have used all the available resources we could find on aged care in Australia, how it works and how to access services.  From ranging over the Government’s own websites, consumer advocacy websites, health advocacy websites, aged care service websites and a wide range of blogs and articles in academic, business and mainstream media, we’ve sifted through the information, clicked through to links, downloaded resources and distilled it into simple messages.
  • From real, personal experience – our own and those of others we know - we have shared our own experience, knowledge, ‘tips’ and ‘traps for young players’.


  • We’ve drawn on the ‘mystery shopper’ technique, using people with no prior knowledge of aged care  – to identify all the stages involved in finding aged care, with particular attention to what was missing, complicated or unclear.  We have noted specific questions, the hard-to-understand information, the complexity in navigating all the different locations you need to find and any other tips and tricks discovered along the way.

How do we ensure the information remains correct and up to date?

The aged care system continues to evolve as changes to Government policy are gradually implemented and issues are debated.  We have a range of measures in place to ensure that the information provided on agedcare101 is – and remains – correct and up to date.   

Agedcare101 undertakes continuous monitoring of government policy, aged care industry issues and consumer issues, as well as general debate in the community and the aged care sector, to ensure important issues and emerging trends are both reported (via our news updates and weekly newsletter) and reflected in the content of our website.

What's important to us?

agedcare101 is a sector initiative.  Created by people who work in villages and aged care, we seek to make the customer's journey of ageing easier through a better understanding of the 'care system' and the options available.

Education, understanding and easy access to the right information and advice is our objective.

Equally, we seek to support operators and allied services with the optimum platform to present their unique value propositions, matching customers with optimum solutions.

Ageing with care is a journey.  We seek to partner with all participants in that journey, adding value at each step. Please join us.

agedcare101 is a joint venture business with DoComeMonday Media, and care sector veteran Jim Hazel as equity holders.