How do I get an aged care (ACAT) assessment?

At this point in your journey, you should already:

  • Have chosen the person (or people) you want to make various kinds of decisions on your behalf, should you no longer be able to yourself

  • Have a plan to ‘put your affairs in order’, if you haven’t already

It’s quite likely (though not necessary) that you will also:

  • Have a client record with My Aged Care

  • Know your client number

Now you are ready to have the assessment known as the ACAT (or ACAS) assessment.

In this section you will learn:

  • You need an ACAT assessment and to be approved as eligible for an aged care home (nursing home) before you find a home
  • If you live in Victoria, it is called an ACAS assessment
  • What happens in the ACAT assessment
  • What happens after the ACAT assessment
  • You will not have to make any decisions at this time


What is involved in the ACAT/ACAS Assessment?

Before you can move into any Commonwealth-subsidised aged care home (nursing home), you need to have a comprehensive assessment.


How do you get an ACAT assessment?

There are two ways to get an ACAT/ACAS assessment.


What can I expect in the ACAT assessment?

What happens before and during the ACAT assessment.


What can I expect after the ACAT Assessment?

It helps to have a clear understanding of what will happen and what won't happen, at your ACAT assessment