Home Care in Australia


Home care is aimed at maintaining a person's quality of life in their home by supporting them with their physical needs and daily activities.  


Home Care might be for people who are getting older, are chronically ill, recovering from surgery or who have a disability.


There are 3 main types of Australian government funded Home Care




Consumer Directed Care

Since February 2017, the government introduced a new approach, designed to give you more choice within your Home Care Package.

This new approach is called ‘Consumer Directed Care’.  It means funding for a Home Care Package follows you - the consumer - rather than a provider. 

Since February 2017

You can choose the provider that best meets your needs and if you want, who supplies the services too (and they don’t always need to be services from your provider). 

You also have the flexibility to shop around and change provider if you wish.

The provider must work in partnership with you to make sure you are getting the services you need.

Costs are more transparent with you receiving an individualized budget and monthly income and expenditure statements.

Wondering about the difference between a service and provider and what they are exactly anyway?  Find out here.


Meet The Donaldon Sisters 

You may have heard them on the radio.  Jill and Anny are The Donaldson Sister and present conversations between friends who are 50 years and older, covering important topics and perspectives that are less frequently heard.  They both come from medical backgrounds and continue to work in care and support. They respect and love the ageing journey and all who are on it.  You will find tips and advice within our steps on how to successfully plan and implement your home care.