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What is Home Care?


Home care refers to the types of services provided to a person in their home. Home care is designed to help a person who requires support so that they can stay living in their home as long as possible. An ACAT assessment is required to access government funded Home care. Once the level of care has been determined tailored Home care packages are available to meet individuals’ care needs.


How does Home Care fit within Aged Care in Australia?

There are two kinds of government-funded services delivered to people living ‘at home’.  

They are called the Commonwealth Home Support Program and the Home Care Packages Program.

The Commonwealth Home Support Program  is  aimed at older people who are mostly able to live and cope manage on their own but need some help with one or two common daily tasks.  It can provide help with things like meals, shopping and transport, cleaning or gardening; as well as more personal tasks like showering, dressing and basic nursing care.  The Commonwealth Home Support Program also provides a range of social programs and activities to help older people improve their function, independence and quality of life.  

The Home Care Packages Program  can provide a bigger wider range of services for people with more complex needs within a ‘package’ of funds that are allocated to you, depending on your needs.  There are four levels of package available, ranging from level 1 for basic care needs, up to level 4 for the highest care needs. Home Care Package funds are allocated for the older person to design what supports they want provided by their package within the budget available to them.

Since 1 July 1 2015, home care packages have been provided on a Consumer Directed Care (CDC) basis, with each level funded by different amounts paid by the Federal Government to your care provider.

There is no minimum age or any citizenship or residency restrictions to be eligible to apply for home care packages, though the packages are not directed at visitors to Australia or people needing only short-term care.

From February 27 2017, home care packages are also changing for new and existing clients. The three key ways they will differ are:

  • Home care package funding will stay with the consumer, making it easier to you to change providers if you move or are looking for a better fit. Previously, home care places were allocated straight to approved providers. Before changing your provider, you will need to review your home care agreement to find out any fees or conditions. Providers can charge an exit fee to cover their administration costs.
  • A national system will also be set up by my aged care that will prioritise users depending on their needs and how long they have been waiting for care. This is designed to allow home care packages to be distributed more fairly, regardless of where you live.
  • The process for becoming a home care provider will also be streamlined, with aged care and community care providers able to “opt in” to provide home care, rather than going through a full application process. 

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The finances of home care change significantly on 28 February 2017. If you are privately funding all or part of your home care it would be wise to learn of your options which can impact your longer term subsidies

Kate Golder, Director, Affinity Aged Care Financial Services

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What makes Five Good Friends different from other in-home care companies?

Membership means you pay less for help


Sometimes the best way to describe our Bene in-home and centre-based services is to have someone do it for us.

These are excerpts from a letter we received from a family member of one of our clients.

The Southern Cross Care (Tas.) Inc. Community Division is able to offer a variety of home based services in Hobart, Georgetown, King Island, Devonport, Burnie, Somerset and Wynyard. Services in Launceston include Veterans Home Care, DVA Community Nursing and private fee for service.

Help to stay at home

Thanks to a range of Goodwin home care and community services tailored to your specific needs, you can choose to stay in the home you love for as long as possible whilst enjoying a greater quality of life.

A good life is one that is full of enjoyment, experiences, encouragement and independence.  It involves remaining stimulated, challenged, socially active and physically healthy.

Regis Home Care in Darwin operates out of Regis Tiwi. Our care experts offer a full range of home care and home help services. This includes access to Day Therapy services and Day Respite at Regis Tiwi. To understand how we give you the support and confidence to live an independent life, please c

Regis Home Care in Mildura offers a full range of home care and home help services.
To understand how we give you the support and confidence to live an independent life, please call Regis Advice on 1300 188 740.

Welcome to OneCare Home Services

Staying in your own home as you age is something everyone aspires to. But sometimes, you need a little extra help to maintain your independence and quality of life.

Southern Cross Care Direct offers a wide range of services and support to assist people to live independently in their own homes throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast and Ipswich. Our services are available to anyone for help around the home on a fee for service basis. The Federal Government also provides access to subsidised care to those that are assessed as needing additional help.

A Home Care Package is designed to provide a range of services to the elderly who choose to stay at home but may need help in one way or another.

Fully trained carers are employed to provide this service to meet the needs of these people in their homes.

Adventist Senior Living Home Care, bringing you better health and independence at home, with care.

Regis Home Care in Cairns operates out of Regis Redlynch. Our care experts offer a full range of home care and home help services. This includes access to Day Therapy services at Regis Redlynch.

Need some help to remain living at home, leading an independent lifestyle? Resthaven offers a wide range of flexible services so that you are able to live independently at home.

Why HammondCare At Home

Enriching lives through solutions for independence for people with disabilities, older people and carers in Western Australia.


Cooinda Community Care Providing The Care You Choose in a Special Way

Our organisation prides itself on our reputation for providing quality Person Centred Care.

Your Care Your Way

Supporting your independence

We're here to give you a helping hand when you need it, to keep you comfortable and supported in your own home and in the community. We want to help you make your own choices when it comes to living independently.

Home Care Packages

Offering help at home

We understand that as people age they may need some help to maintain their quality life at home.

Our aim is to support people to continue to do the things they want to do.

At Yukana our aim is to help you maintain your independence through our approach to an integrated wellness community. Our customer service team are available to assist you in finding the type of care you require, enabling you to enjoy your unit for a longer.

Empowered Living Support Services (ELSS) Home Care is a government-approved provider of Community Aged Care Packages (CACP). 

Whatever your circumstances, we will partner with you to provide the services and expertise you need to maintain your lifestyle and independence in your own home. We know how important this is to so many people. We also understand that no two people are the same and that things can change.

Our professional carers can assist you with a full range of home care services, from property maintenance; travel and social support; pet care; to daily tasks around the home like preparing meals, housecleaning and personal care.

Community Services

Kalyra Communities provide a comprehensive range of Client-Led services to meet your individual needs, and assist you to remain living in your own home and community.

Some things can become a little harder to manage later in life, but with the right services and support you can remain in the comfort of your own home.