Your easy guide to aged care

If you're here, you are almost certainly facing some new and challenging decisions, either about your own life or someone close to you.  This is where agedcare101 comes in.


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Explanations you can understand

All the information you actually need

Reliable advice and support 

What choices you have

As little stress and confusion as possible

The steps you need to take and how to get there, in logical order



1. Pulls together everything you need to know about understanding and navigating aged care and retirement living

2. Makes all the key information available in one location - no more hit-and-miss searches

3. Provides logical, step by step advice to guide you through the process

4. Anticipates questions and concerns along the way

5. Provides lots of extra useful guidance, tips and information on a wide range of topics to take some of the stress and confusion out of the aged care experience

How it works

agedcare101 is set up the following way:

Ageing in Australia

Everything you need to know about services and facilities for older people in Australia whether you are looking to downsize to a form of purpose built seniors housing or looking for palliative care.  This is the big picture in simple terms you will understand. 

Retirement Living

Everything you need to know about the different forms of seniors housing in Australia, from traditional retirement lifestyle villages to the various supported living options available.  What they offer, how the finances work, what to look for, tips and advice. 
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Home care

Everything you need to know about the different types of home care; who provides it; how they work; a step by step guide to accessing them; terms and definitions and useful advice. 
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Aged Care Homes (Nursing Homes)

Everything you need to know about aged care homes (nursing homes), including the services they offer, how to access them; all the steps you need to take along the way; and useful insights and advice. 
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