5. Finding an aged care home (nursing home)


You should by now: 

  • Have a client record and client number with My Aged Care
  • Established who makes various decisions on your behalf, if you are no longer able
  • Have a plan to 'put your affairs in order'
  • Have had your ACAT assessment
  • Understand the costs of moving to an aged care home


You can use the agedcare101 search facility to find aged care homes that are:




  • In a location you are happy with
  • Meet your specific care needs
  • To your look, feel, philosophy etc
  • Meet you can afford


What information can you find from the search

Basic information:  

The agedcare101 directory of aged care homes includes the following basic information:




  • the name of the home
  • the name of the operator of the home
  • the address of the home
  • the contact phone number 

Extra information:

Agedcare101 offers more comprehensive paid display listings for aged care providers who want to display additional information about their homes for example:




  • Information about the home and special features or services
  • Photographs and videos
  • Maps 
  • Links to their website


PLEASE NOTE:  the agedcare101 directory includes every aged care home in Australia.  This means all government-subsidised homes (the vast majority) as well as all fully private, non-subsidised homes.


Start your search for an aged care home

Step 1:

Using the search field below, you can follow the prompt to search by:




  • Postcode (and postcodes within a five kilometre radius)
  • Suburb or town name (and suburbs within a five kilometre radius)
  • Region (a broader area within your city or state)
  • Property name

Step 2:

Once you have found the list of aged care homes in the region or suburb you’ve chosen, you will see a list of special features and services down the right side panel.

You can refine your search by checking or unchecking the items you’d like to include in your search:




  • Respite care beds
  • Dementia care
  • Specialist dementia care unit
  • Transition care
  • Palliative care
  • Extra services
  • Acceptance of partners without an ACAT assessment


In the next section see Section 6, you can also do a search of different aged care providers – the organisations or companies that operate the aged care homes and services - to learn more about them.  

Step 3:

You can create a shortlist of potential aged care homes to further research and apply to, using 101File™ function.   

To add a home to your shortlist, click on the button:  ‘Shortlist’

Your shortlist will be kept in 101File™.  You can use your shortlist to apply to multiple aged care homes via a single application form.  Click  101File™ to read all the functions available.