What legal documents and other items will I need at the time of the move into an aged care home? 9.6

Legal Documents needed at the time of the move

You should read the Aged Care Homes Tab Section 2 ‘Get Set Up’ for a comprehensive outline of recommended legal documents you should consider for the aged care journey.

In this section we review the paperwork required to support the actual move to an aged care home (nursing home) and other items to consider. If you yourself are making the move, it may be wise to gather together the required documents and other key items.

It helps if you can bring information on your life plus those treasured items that you enjoy having around you and which indicate to others who you are and the life that you have lived to this point. Remember, the aged care home (nursing home) will become just that, your ‘home’ and the staff will be ‘living’ with you and caring for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They will want to know about ‘who you are’. 

You are likely to need:

  • Your Government assets and income test documents
  • Evidence that you can afford the ongoing aged care fees 
  • Bank details for automatic payments
  • Enduring Power of Attorney – to make finance, property and legal decisions
  • Enduring Guardian – to make general health and lifestyle decisions
  • Appointment as Nominee – to allow you to deal with the Government and Centrelink
  • Advanced care directive – details your wishes for medical treatment if you can’t speak for yourself
  • Instructions for your file – what you like and don’t like, for instance food or spiritual guidance
  • Personal profile – your history so staff ‘know’ you, including anniversaries
  • Full contact details of all relevant people – include medical specialists
  • Medical history 
  • Personal effects for the room – for comfort and memories


  • Clothes and preferred toiletries

It is also wise to limit jewelry and cash that you bring as there will be residents that get confused.  Ask the manager for advice.

Remember,  the aged care home will become just that, your home and the staff will be 'living' with you and caring for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.